Auspicious Period

Months: - The auspicious months for writing the yantras are Shara Vana, Bhadra pad, Aswij, Kartik, Maghasar, Vaisakh, Pause, Magha and Phalgun. These months are Hindi Bikrami month. The yantra prepared during these months indicates successful results. They are beneficial for wealth, Gold, gain , respect, Comforts from Children, promotion, success, education etc. The months of Chaitra, Jyestha and Asar are middling for writing of yantras. Other months are not fit for writing of yantras.

Paksha: - Shukal Paksha is better than Krishna Paksha. The former is auspicious whereas latter is middling.

Thithi:- For Vashi Karan Nand tithi, For Lakshmi and education Bhara Tithi, for Moksha and spirituality Siddhi Jya tithi and for Maran Rikta tithis are suitable. For all auspicious works Pooran tiithies are most suitable.

Nakshatra: - Hast and Pushya nakshatra falling on Sunday are suitable for Kashatriya Rohini and Mrigasira nakashatras falling on Monday are good for spiritual purposes Aswini falling on Tuesday for Jewellers, Anuradha on Wednesday for Brahmins, Pushya falling on Thursday for Vaish, Rewati falling on Sunday are auspicious for persons is troubles, diseased and facing turmoils.

Colours:- For spiritual Sadhana white, for Maran, Uchattan Black, for Vashi Karan, Mohan etc red, for acquisition of wealth yellow, Kesari, and for Aakarshan Blue colours are most successful and bears early results.


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