Elements in Yantra

It is said that our world is composed of Five elements: Earth , Air, Fire, Water, Sky

In Yantras the lines present are used with the basic concept of Bindu or point. In the yantras all these elements are used particularly Earth, Water and Fire. Yantras are mostly rectangular in shape. The Water element are round whereas  yantras depicting Fire are Tringular.

Triangular Yantra’s  consisting  of raised lines indicate Lord SHIVA'S Yantra. The yantras which have  carved lines denote the BHAGWATI Yantra.

The Fire elements Yantra indicate specific use, which are to be memorized by the Sadhaka.

Prithvi Tatva:- These Yantras bestow contentment, comforts, ambitions and success.

Jal Tatva :- These Yantras bless the native with respect, Love, Contentment, removes restlessness, Smoothness, affection in life and wisdom.

Agni Tatva:- These Yantras are helpful in gaining respect, success, avert failures and troubles etc.

Vayu Tatva :- These Yantras stand for difficulties, disrespect, unintelligence, etc and they increase such instinets and attract the users to vices.

Akash Tatva :- These Yantras are useful for creating affection, education, Love for all, removing worries, and success in efforts for spirituality in solitude.

In Mohammdan practice, Yantras has been divided into Four types, and known as Atshi, Badi Abbi and Khakhi which corresponds to Fiery (Agni), Airy (Vayu), Watery (Jal) and Earthy (Prithvi) respectively. In Hindu and other religions these are used for specific but for same purpose.

Agni or Atshi Yantras are written on paper, Bhoj Patra, old clothes, China wares etc. hese Yantras are put in Fire or burried near hearth place or Fire place etc. They bless the the native with success and help in overcoming the diffculties of life and for controlling dreams etc. These should be written facing East, sitting on one knee and near the Fire.

Badi or Air Yantras are those which are hung on a tree or are placed at a height where they should remain in motion. These are used for affection, love affairs or for stopping the speech of another man etc. It should be written while sitting at aheight or roof top of a house.

Abbi Yantras are known as Jal or Watery one, these are thrown in river, canal, well or any place where there is water as per specific directions. Generally are used for release of prisoners etc. Write facing West, standing in water.

Khaki / Prithvi or Earth Yantras are buried under the Chowkhat, cremation path, mountain or at the places where four roads meet. These are used for the death of enemies. These Yantras  should be written while facing South, sitting on one knee, dhoop or incense be lighted.

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