Puja of Yantra

Before the use of a Yantra a pooja is to be performed for which there is a specific method. The method is provided given below for the use of Sadhaka.

A step wise method is to be observed while performing the pooja.

Since every Yantra is associated to a particular Deva or Devi, the Sadhaka or devotee should first keep in mind, the particular Ishat or God.

One should take flowers in both hands, the flowers should be of Anjeel and be offered to the Yantra while reciting the Beej Mantra. This is a worship of the Deva, Ishat and the Yantra.

Poorv Poojan

Flowers be offered while speaking "Devaye Namah Aavahanam Samarpayam".

Flowers be offered for Aasan while reciting. "Devaya Namah Aasanam Samarpayami"

Water be offered to wash the feet of Lord or Deity while chanting. "Devaye Paydam samarpayami"

Take three Achmans while reciting "Devaye Aaradhye Samarpyami".

Bath be offered to Deva While reciting "Devsya asnanam samarpayami"

Panch Amrit bath be offered with mantra, "Devaye panchamritasnanam samarpayami"

Uttar Pooja:-

For Vastar or clothes vastar and Yajya Paveet, recite the mantras.

Ghand be applied while reciting, "Devaye Gandh Samarpyami"

Unbroken rice be offered while reciting "Devaye akshtaan samarpyami"

For wealth this mantra can be recited, "Devaye pushparni samarpyami"

Dhoop be lighted and offered with mantra, "Devaye dhoopam samarpyami"

Deep be lit and offered with this mantra, "Devaye deepam samarpyami"

Fruits be offered while reciting this mantra, "Devaye navedyam phalam cha samrpyami"

Pan Supari be offered with this mantra, "Devaye tambulam samarpyami"

For Aarti recite the mantra, "Devaye pradakshirnam samarpyami"

Pradakshina, means to walk around, thrice with mantra

"Yani Kan cha papani janmantarkirtani cha Tani Sarvani Nashyantu Pradakshin Pade Pade"

In the end offer flowers and Namaskar with folded hands, and prayer be performed with Beej Mantra with specific desires which an individual can express.

The above 16 steps are for the pooja of a Yantra. In case one can not do all for any reason, then Sadhaka is advised to light dhoop, apply Chandan, red vermillion and scent while reciting Beej Mantra or Mahamritanje Mantra. After taking a bath and wearing new or washed clothes. You can use your Ishat mantra for pooja. Do it yourself in the way it is easy for you. It is said to fulfill all your desires.


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