There are six psychic centres known as shadadharam in yoga language. 'Shad' means six. 'Adharam' means support. These supporting centres are:

1) Muladharam-said to be situated at the anus.
2) Swathishtanam-said to be situated at the genitals.
3) Manipuram-said to be situated at the stomach.
4) Anahatham-said to be situated at the heart.
5) Visudhi-said to be situated at the throat.
6) Ajna-said to be situated between the eye brows.

The location of these centres at the places above named is open to serious objections. We shall consider these centres one by one with reference to objections concerning them.

1) Muladharam: This centre is said to be at the anus where Kundalini sakti the coiled energy or serpent energy is understood to be lying. This centre is also said to be presided over by Ganesha. If this understanding is correct, then the proper places to install the images of Ganesha should be latrines and lavatories. Evidently, the correct location of Muladharam has not been properly understood. Mulam means cause or root. Adharam means the basic support, root cause of all human activities. We have to search for this spring and source only in the head and not anywhere else. In Dravidian the brain inside the head is called Moolai and this is a clue to fix the Muladharam at the proper place inside the head. In the Bhagavath Githa and Katopanishad there are references of a cosmic tree with roots up and branches down. Sufism teaches that the trees of paradise have their roots above. These metaphors are other clues or pointers to fix the muladharam inside the head.

Moreover, Muladharam is the centre where the Kundalini Sakti lies. The great Siddha Goraknath says about the location of Kundalini in his Gorakh Sathaka as follows:

"Kantordhavam kundalisaktirasthitha kundalakrithi.
Brahmadwara mukham nithyam mukhenachadya thishtathi"

which means that Kundalini Sakti lies above the throat and remains there covering the door of Brahma with her face. This will settle the question and the finding that Muladharam is not at the anus but at the head above the throat should be accepted.