Bhoothalingaswamy Temple (T.N)
  Out side the prakaram, anyone will be allowed pooja to the Kasi Viswanathar and Ulagayanayagi.



Bhoothalingaswamy Temple
is at Bhoothapandi.

Structure of Temple

This temple is with picturesque surroundings faces east and there is a tank with a small mandapa on the northern side. The presiding deity is called Bhoothalingaswamy. The sanctorum of the temple is crude cell excavated on the eastern face of a huge irregular mass of rock itself. The linga is also carved in the same rock. There is no vimana over this shrine. The Ardhamandapa and Mahamandapa were only later additions. The rock is grit round by a thick stonewall which gives it the appearance of a minor fort. On the right side of entrance to the sanctum is the image of vinayak and the image of Nandi is in front of the linga. On the right side of Nandi facing south is Nataraja with Sivakami ambal. Adithyan, Subramanian with valli and Deyvanai, Sandikeswarar are other deities of the temple.

Out side the prakaram, anyone will be allowed pooja to the Kasi Viswanathar and Ulagayanayagi. Besides the Bhuthalingaswamy is a separate shrine dedicated to sivakami ambal for which there is a small vimana above the shrine.

The history says the formation of the Bhuthalingam is based on a story. “Once upon a time there was a village man (“Saaliyar”), who used to nurture cows and run the business by distributing the milks from them. One fine day, he noticed that one cow in the group of cows had stopped giving milk as usual. Confused man decided to follow the cow, and he also did so. On seeing the attitude of the cow he was taken aback, as it was pouring the milk in a grass land by self. Astonished man informed this to the local emperor; and the king ordered his laymen to dig the place where the cow did so. On seeing the Lingam which protruded from the place, they got stunned. People decided to have a Temple which leads to the construction of Bhuthalinga swamy and Sivagami ambal temple. The Lingam present here still been called as “Saaliyar Kanda Thirumeni””.

Sculpture Glory

The front of Sivagami Ambal shrine is the best example of sculpture. The manmathan and rathi are attracted the viewers. We can see the chain made by stone. The Ramayana says Rama killed Vaali from behind. The sculptor explained this stage superbly, if we stand in front of the Rama we can see the Vaali’s image, but if we stand in front of the Vaali’s image we cannot see the Rama’s image. The most beautiful piece of art in the temple lies in the wooden kalyanamedai the mandapa. It has been made so skillfully that the joints are invisible at all. The medai contains numerous multi-colored images. a Srichakram is engraved on the panel of pillar in the Kalyanamandpa. There is no inner prakara for both the shrines. On the south west corner of the common prakara of the shrines is vinayaga who is locally called “Ninaithathai Mudikkum Vinayakar”.

How To Reach

The route to reach this place from District Capital Nagercoil is Nagercoil->Vadasery->Putheri->Erachakulam->Easanthimangalam->Thuvarancaud->Bhoothapandi (Totalling 9 km).

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