Yes, Prayer has tremendous influence. It can work anything provided you are sincere. It is at once heard and responded to. Do it in the daily struggle of life and realize for yourself its high efficacy. Pray in any way you like. Become as simple as a Child. Have no cunningness or crookedness. Then you will get everything.

-Swami Chidananda

New Day
This is the beginning of a New Day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or grow in its light and be of service to others. But what I do with this day is important because I have exchanged a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever. I hope I will not regret the price I paid for it.

Just For A Day
Oh Lord, if only for a day, I can be really good, Be always ready to obey And do the things I should just for a day Oh Lord, If only for a day I can take trials or fun or anything that come, and say. Not mine will but Thine be done Just for a day Oh Lord, if only for a day I can do this. Oh then, When each new morning Comes, I'll pray For grace to persevere again Just for a day.


Edgar A. Guest

Life is a gift to be used every day.
Not to be smothered and hidden away,
It isn't a thing to be stored in the chest
Where you gather your keepsakes and treasure your best;
It isn't a joy to be sipped now and then
And promptly put back in a dark place again.

Life is a Gift that the humblest may boast of
And one that the humblest may well make the most of.
Get out and live it each hour of the day
Wear it and use it as much as you may
Don't keep it in niches and corners and grooves,
You'll find that in service 'its beauty improve.

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