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Navaratri Fast

Navaratri Fasts are observed for nine days twice a year. This fast is observed mostly in North India, Gujarat and Maharastra. The devotion and fevour is the same all over only a few variations may be seen in diffrent regions.

Special Food to be Eaten During The Fasts
You have to follow a strict control over the food consumed during these nine days. The food should be cooked after having a bath and performing Pooja.

We can eat Puris or Roti's made from Kuttu or Singhare ka atta This is black in colour. We can eat potatoes, cucumber, pumpkin and shakarkandi. Of course potatoes are most popular as people have them as chips and make aloo chaat.

Most spices are not used and it is reccomended to eat rock salt.
Milk products are allowed so we can eat plenty of curd, paneer, sweets such as kalakand, kaju burfee etc. Sil ladoo's and patti is also eaten.

A rice substitute is swank and people cook it as a rice or even use it to make sweet kheer.
All types of fruits are eaten and fruit chaat is made.

Do's and Dont's
Do not eat meat or any other non-vegetaarian food.
Do not consume alchol
Do not eat food with garlic or onions.

If one is a devotee and wants to observe these fasts it not difficult at all.

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