Ritual Objects

MUKHA (Rttual Crown)
The crown worn by Buddhist priests of Vajrayana during the religious performances is known as Mukha (ritual crown). Invariably, the crown bears images of four of the five Dhyani Buddha to establish cosmic principle. The Dhyani Buddhas represented here are Vairochana, Akshyovya, Ratna Sambhaba, and Amitabha. The fifth member Amoghashiddhi is not shown physically but is symbolized by the thunderbolt at the top of the crown.
(Full Vessel)

Poorna Kalash is a water vase which is full of all characteristics of goodness As it is full of all goodness it is treated as an auspicious object for all human beings. When the religious ceremonies are held Poorna Kalash is kept at the centre surrounded by eight vessel. In Poorna Kalash, there will be the signs of eight auspicious symbols.

SUKUNDA (Oil lamp)
Sukunda is an oil lamp with combination of lamp and oil container. It is made of metal in artistic design. Oil was stored in the main section of the large pot and burnt in the bowl beside the neck with the aid of a wick. The filling of oil was done by a metal spoon known as Sumicha. Sukunda is the most important object for every religious and social performances. There must be the inscription of Ganesh in it, whose presence is always needed for the performances as the God of bestower of success.

GHAU (Prayer Box)
Ghau is a portable shrine in which an image of the owner's personal deity (Ishta Devata) is kept wrapped in silk cloth. Most Tibetans used Ghau at home and during travelling. At home, it is kept on an alter. But when travelling it is fastened at the cross belt. Generally, Ghau has a trefoil shapes top and a window in the middle through which one can see the personal deity. Ghau is made of two parts which fit together to form a box. The back is usually left plain and the front is richly decorated.
Water is perhaps the most important both in Hindu and Buddhist ritual and is always present on the alter in a costly pot or in some other container. The pot whose shape is just like a flat shape jar with a pipe to bring out the water from the pot and which is richly decorated with precious stones and metals is known as Bhumba.

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