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Envoys and Missions

At the end of the marriage festivities, Abhimanyu led his young bride before each of the assembled persons to seek their blessings.

Then they sent messengers to their friends and relatives, calling them for a conference. From Dwarka came the brothers Balarama and Krishna. Drupada, the king of Panchala, came with. His son each with his advisors and attendants. When the bustle died down, all eyes turned to Krishna who rose to speak: "You all know of Duryodhana's great deceit and how he robbed the Pandavas of their kingdom. Yudhishthira desires nothing which is not rightfully his. I do not know what Duryodhana has in mind. I come to an honourable settlement." Everyone agreed with the suggestion, and Drupada offered the services of his priest, who was an able and upright person."

And soon Drupada's priest arrived at King Dhritarashtra's court. After the customary greetings he said, "I need not remind you of the events of the past. The Pandavas have fulfilled the conditions agreed upon and now wish to regain what is rightfully theirs. They desire peace and are unwilling to start a war. Return to them what is rightfully theirs without delay." Duryodhana was not present at this time. But Karna flared up when he heard the claim what he lost in a fair game? Go and tell him that Duryodhana is not one to be cowed down by such threats."

At this Dhritarashtra said to the messenger, "with the welfare of the pandavas in mind, I have decided to send my minister Sanjaya with a message for them. Please convey this to Yudhishthira." When Drupada's priest left on his mission, Krishna had already returned to Dwarka. Soon Duryodhana and Arjuna also arrived at Dwarka to seek alliance with Krishna in the imminent war. Krishna was asleep when they reached and Duryodhana, entering his chamber, seated himself on the jeweled chair at the head of the bed. Arjuna stood respectfully at the foot. When Krishna opened his eyes and saw Arjuna, he asked him, "What brings you to Dwarka?"

Hearing this Duryodhana shot out of his chair and cried, "I came before Arjuna. You must hear me first. It seems that war may break out between us soon. If it does, you must support me. "Krishna turned to Duryodhana and said with a smile, "May be you came first, but it was Arjuna I saw first. Also, he being the younger of the two, it is proper that I should ask him to speak first. If the conflict does come, you both have the choice of either my army, or me. But let it be clearly understood that I shall neither wield a weapon nor take part in the actual fighting."

Arjuna spoke with folded hands, "I shall be content if you are with us, though you may not fight at all." Duryodhana was overjoyed at what he thought was a stupid decision on the part of Arjuna, and gladly accepted the offer of having Krishna's army.

Sanjaya arrived at Upaplavya on a mission from Dhritarashtra. The message he brought was meaningless and conveyed no actual offer. After he had returned to Hastinapura, Yudhishthira sought the advice of Krishna who was again in Upaplavya.