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Chapter Four

1. ’The self-born has bored five holes, facing outward: Hence one sees outward, not within oneself (antaratman) a certain wise one, desiring immortality, turning his gaze around,
Has looked within at the self.

2. ‘Childish folk follow outward desires
And go into the noose of Death, who lies in wait:
But the wise, seeing immortality,
Do not search for the constant in inconstant things.

3. ‘By that by which one knows form, taste, smell,
Sounds and sexual contacts,
One knows it too.
What is left here?

4. ‘Knowing that by which one experiences
Both sleep and waking states
As the great, all-pervading self,
The wise one does not grieve.

5. ‘The one who knows this honey-eater
As life, the self, close by, Lord of past of future,
Does not shrink away from it.
This is that.

6. ‘He who was formerly the offspring of heat (tapas)
Who was formerly born of the waters
He who, having entered and dwelt in the secret place,
Looks out through beings
This is that.

7. ‘She who arises through the breath
Aditi, made of deities
She who, having entered and dwelt in the secret Place,
Was born through beings
This is that.

8. ‘Agni Jatavedas, hidden in the two fire-sticks
Like an embryo safely carried by pregnant women,
Worthy of daily men bearing offerings
This is that.

9. that from which the sum rises
and into which it sets,
in that the gods are fixed.
no one goes beyond it
this is that.

10. ‘What is here is there:
What is there is here too.
The one who sees things here as various
Gets death after death.

11. ‘It can be grasped only by mind.
There is nothing various here.
The one who sees things here as various
Goes from death to death.

12. ‘A person (purusa), a thumb in length,
Rests in the midst of the self,
Lord of past and future.
One does not shrink away from it.
This is that.

13. ‘A person, a thumb in length,
Like a light without smoke,
Lord of past of future,
It is, today, and tomorrow too.
This is that.

14. ‘As rainwater, fallen in a rugged place
Among the mountains, runs away,
One who sees dharmas as separate
Runs away after them.

15. ‘As pure water, dropping into pure,
Becomes just like it,
So, Gautama, does the self
Of the silent one (muni) who understands.