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Route To The Cave    

TAM stands for darkness or unholiness. In Her attribute of Maha Kali, Mata is constantly endeavoring to vanquish the forces of darkness and blesses Her devotees by giving them strength to never lose heart and

Bhawan under fog
constantly battle the forces of darkness till they prevail upon them.

RAJ stands for sustenance, prosperity and well being. In Her attribute of Maha Lakshmi Vaishno, Mata blesses Her devotees with wealth and prosperity and thus makes their life more comfortable and happy.

SATVA stands for purity and goodness. In Her attribute of Maha Saraswati, Mata blesses Her devotees with pure thoughts and a high intellect. This enables them to distinguish between good and bad, between righteousness and unrighteousness and helps them to adopt the correct path in life.

Thus, very broadly speaking the three manifestations of the Goddess can be accepted to stand for the following attributes in man:-


Each person on earth contains the attributes of Tam Guna, Raj Guna and Satva Guna in some degree or the other. His or Her behavior is, therefore, conditioned by which attribute is predominant. However, to lead a full and meaningful life a balance has to be struck amongst the three. This balance is extremely difficult to achieve. It needs divine blessings. It is only at Vaishno Devi Ji that such blessings are possible simultaneously from a single source of SHAKTI. This is what makes the holy Shrine of MATA VAISHNO DEVI JI unique in the world.

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