Durga - Sankatahara Ganapati


Mayureshwar - Morgaon

Mahaganapati - Ranjangaon

Varadvinayak - Mahad

Chintamani - Thevoor

Girijaatmaja - Lenyadri

Vigneshwara - Ozar

Ballaleshwar - Pali

Siddhi Vinayak - Siddhatek


31. Durga Ganapati

Durga GanapatiDurga Ganapati, the "Invincible,"  the Lord in this form waves the flag of victory over darkness. This splendid murti is of a  deep gold hue, he is dressed in red, and is holding a bow and arrow, noose and goad, prayer beads or the jap mala, broken tusk and a rose apple.

32. Sankatahara Ganapati

Sankatahara GanapatiSankatahara Ganapati, is also known as"the Dispeller of Sorrow,"  His hue n this form is sunlike he is dressed in blue, and seated on a red lotus flower. He holds a bowl of pudding, a goad and a noose. He is in a pose which is  gesturing the boon-granting varada mudra

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