Dvimukha - Trimukha Ganapati


Mayureshwar - Morgaon

Mahaganapati - Ranjangaon

Varadvinayak - Mahad

Chintamani - Thevoor

Girijaatmaja - Lenyadri

Vigneshwara - Ozar

Ballaleshwar - Pali

Siddhi Vinayak - Siddhatek


27. Dvimukha Ganapati

Dvimukha GanapatiDvimukha Ganapati, called Janus by the Romans, has two divergent faces,. He can see in all directions. He appears in this avatar  in a blue-green form and is dressed in red silk. He also wears a bejeweled crown made of precious stones and holds a noose, goad, His tusk and a pot of gems.

28. Trimukha Ganapati

Trimukha GanapatiTrimukha Ganapati, the contemplative "three-faced" Lord  Ganesh. With a red hue he sits on a golden lotus, telling His beads, holding a noose, goad and vessel filled with sweet nectar. He gestures protection  to all who come in search of his blessings with the right hand and blessings with  the left.

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