Take Care Of Little Things

Swami Sivananda

Little drops of water
Make the mighty ocean.
Little grains of sand
Make this beautiful land.

Little moments
Make the mighty ages.
Little pies and farthings
Make millions and crores.

Little mistakes
Little unkind acts
Will make you a devil.

Little words of love,
Little acts of kindness,
Little good thoughts
Will make you a saint.

Morals and Ideals

Helen Steiner Rice

In this world of casual carelessness its discouraging to try to keep our morals and standards and our ideals high we are ridiculed and laughed at by the smart sophisticate who proclaims in brittle banter that such things are out of date but no life is worth the living unless its built on truth and we lay our life's foundation made of faith and love and praying and remember that ideals are like stars up in the sky you can never really reach them hanging in the heavens high but like the mighty mariner who sailed the storm-tossed sea and used the stars to chart his course with skill and certainty you too can chart your course of life with high ideals and love for high ideals are like the stars that light the sky above you cannot every reach them but lift your heart up high and your life will be as shinning as the stars in the sky.

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