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Online Darshan, a treasure house of information on hindu religion and spirituality. It is the LARGEST HINDU RELIGION PORTAL and featured in the BBC a few years back.
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1. Access to Aarti Rooms where you could perform Aartis on your favourite Deities as well as hear devotional music.
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3. Access to online video's of favourite Yatras
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5. Special knowledge database on main Hindu Deities including Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh, The Buddha etc.
6. Encyclopedia of Hindu Terms, topics,Yoga, meditation, Symbols and More.
7. A brief synopsis on Hindu Mythology, spirituality, vedic knowledge
8. A database of Temples in India all searchable by deity or /and location
9. Complete Bhagvata Gita with Shloks in English and Sanskrit( Written in English ) and audio
10. Complete Ramayana with Shloks in English and Sanskrit( Written in English ) and audio
11. Complete websites of famous temples in India including Sri Balaji's temple at Tirupati, Vaishno Devi, Bhuddha, Vishnu and Shiva Temples of Ankor Wat etc.
12. Travel tips, Assisstance and Routes for a pilgrimage to popular Hindu Shrines in India
13. The Puranas, Upanishads and Vedas. An ocean house of Vedic Knowledge
14. Children Stories which is one of the most popular section. Makes Hindu Children learn about their religion in a simplified manner
15. A glossary of voluminous information of Hindu Religion and Spirituality.
16. Updated Hindu Calendar
17. Photo Gallery of Gods and Goddesses
18. Information on Meditation, Yoga and Mantra

Information and Popular topics are being added each week !. New temples, stories and helpful topics make this portal a near encylopedia of Hindu Religion and Mythology.