Thoughts: A form of energy

by Rohini Ranjan

It does not take a lot of imagination to wonder if "thought"
is a form of energy that has an even shorter periodicity and
much higher frequency than light!

If, as Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield's extremely successful parable) states and many others before have directly and indirectly mentioned, pondered, ruminated, postulated, meditated, that "energy" is the basis of this creation and even lies at the foundation of what we perceive as mass, then it is hard to miss that different manifestations of energy when expressed or viewed as "waves" have different frequencies or periodicities, their speed of travel becoming faster and faster as the frequency rises. A common illustration, sound is of lower frequency and slower to travel through air than light, this is why we see the lightning first and hear the thunderclap moments later, though both originated at the very same instant!

Even light is slow when enormous distances are considered! For instance, it takes light some 8 minutes to reach the earth from sun, and many times longer when it is traveling from even distant stars. Astronomers tell us that we actually 'see' each night many stars that have actually ceased to exist!!

It does not take a lot of imagination to wonder if "thought" is a form of energy that has an even shorter periodicity and much higher frequency than light! And I am not limiting myself to just the conscious forms of thought, but also the 'flash' that we know as intuition, the whispering of our soul!

If we next marry the dictum of metaphysics that says that there is only ONE pool of energy, to the dictum of physics that says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but merely transformed, transmuted; then an interesting question is born: Is each 'new' thought that arises merely a new transmutation of the one and only energy that exists?

What is it that transmutates generic energy into a thought-form of energy? It would seem that *attention* is the device that accomplishes this. In the formation of a conscious thought train, attention, concentration, and memory are involved. Often logic and similar sequencing processes are vital too. But aren't these really shades of "attention"? Memories are really points of attention from yesterday frozen in a sequence, just like the magnetic pattern on a video-tape that captures yesterday's television soap. The comparison and linking of disparate thought-units that 'logic' represents essentially involves the selecting and controlled-focusing of attention, as well!
As opposed to this flitting "conscious attention" that we can and do direct regularly, that we are encouraged to suspend or alter during meditative states is accompanied by another 'subtle' form of attention. This is quicker and generally 'weaker' than normal thought in most individuals, hence usually relegated to the background (mostly)! This is what makes us *create* intuitions!

Many amongst us might immediately sense an inner resistance at this point and state that it is really the other way around; that we become 'attentive' when the flash of intuition occurs! However, the perception of this "state of attentivity" is really the slow-to-kick-in conscious attention which has nothing to do with the intuition itself but being stronger and self-appointed spokesperson for what goes as "attention", gets ours!

I propose that intuitions are essentially extremely rapid transmutations of 'generic-energy' into thought-energy and these occur when we manage to direct our 'faster' attention to a problem, situation or question. This particular form of attention is not under volitional control of most and hence difficult to bring into action on demand. It is 'loosely' connected to the conscious attention and the seriousness of one's intent and importance of the situation which again is something that in turn simply motivates us into a state of attention! This explains why intuitive faculties are anecdotally seem to be more active when one faces danger.

That it is loosely connected to conscious attention is indicated in the anecdotal phenomenon of sleeping on a problem and waking with a solution! As we focus our conscious attention on any problem and tease and fiddle with the issues involved (paying attention and being involved about it), something "clicks" inside and the rapid-attention process kicks-in to generate the intuitive solution, a coordinated, coherent form of thought-energy!
Intuition, according to this model would then be a *creative answer*, a product of creative energy-transmutation and not the 'grabbing' of a solution that is floating out there in the akashic arcade! Its purity and validity lies in the fact that the process is quick and generally beyond conscious control and hence less likely to get *muddied* during the process of its transformation!

As most individuals who dabble in metaphysics know, attention is a very powerful tool that is utilized in many ways in developing one's "inner" capabilities. Directing of attention with or without the aid of props and focusing aids (symbols, rituals and procedures) is a well-known strategy, though often unapparent and not clearly stated so!

Somewhere in the mind lies an illustration of how matter is converted to energy forming the inter-phase between the material and spiritual realms of our existence. A simple thought, just a thought!