Atmaram Dube of Rajapur was a great scholar in Vedic literature and astrology. His wife was Hulasibai. They were happy in every way but had no children. They worshipped Anjaneya and, prayed to him with devotion to bless them with a son. One auspicious day Hulasibai gave birth to a beautiful baby son.

The newborn babe started saying 'Ram, Ram' instead of crying. So it was given the name Rama Bola (one who said Ram).

Tularam was a baby of a few days when he lost his mother. His father also forsook him. People give many reasons for this. Pandit Dube cast the horoscope of his son. All the planets were favorable. But the child's star? The star was 'Moola'. The father thought, 'This is a bad star. It will bring me bad luck. I must go away. Otherwise I am doomed.'

He left the town once and for all. The unfortunate child was brought up by his old grand-mother. Thus Tularam lost the love and the care of both the father and the mother.

He became the favorite of all his neighbors. They tended him, and played with him, gave him something to eat and blessed him.
When Tularam was able to stand on his legs, he began to go round the town begging for food. He lived on whatever he got.

In one of his songs Tulasidas recalls how exceedingly difficult it was for him, as a boy, to get even four grains of gram.
After a few years his grandmother passed away. Then he became the child of the whole town. The devotees gave him to eat whatever was offered to God and that was his daily food. "The temple is my shelter. God is my father and mother," Tulasidas has said.

Anjaneya is my father who fed and brought me up" says Tulasidas recollecting those childhood days; he then actually lived in a temple of Anjaneya and every day partook of the food offered to God there.