The great poet who composed the 'Ramacharita manasa'. His boyhood was one of poverty and suffering; but yet he became a great scholar. One word spoken by his wife brought him a realization of his true goal; he became a devotee of Lord Sri Rama. And this poet-saint showed thousands of people the way to a meaningful life.

'Tulasi Ramayana' is a very famous and great epic of North India. It relates the story of Sri Rama.

It was written by Goswami Tulasidas. (Goswami means one who has renounced the world and has become a sanyasi, that is, an ascetic.) That is why it was popularly known as Tulasi Ramayana.

Tulasidas gave it the title, 'Ramacharitamanasa'.

Valmiki, the first poet, told the story of Sri Rama in his 'Ramayana'; after him hundreds of poets have retold it in their own way. 'Tulasi Ramayana' is one of the most popular and venerated Ramayanas.
Many poets of our country were saints. They were great scholars as well as great devotees. They lived as rishis. Goswami Tulasidas too was a great scholar well versed in Vedic lore, philosophy and mythology. People say that Tulasidas, by virtue of his perfect devotion, was so fortunate as to meet Anjaneya, the renowned servant of Sri Rama. It is said Anjaneya helped him to see with his own eyes Sri Rama and Lakshmana. Tulasidas declared: 'Bhakti is the only way leading to God's grace. Sri Rama is the Supreme God (Parabrahma). He is the ideal man. And he is the Lord of this world. His words and deeds themselves form the code of human conduct in this world.'

In his 'Ramayana' Tulasidas has narrated the story of Sri Rama; he has also taught the principles of right living through different characters. The lessons taught in that work are valid to this day.
The epic gives beautiful pictures of the right relation between father and children, and of the affection among brothers. It also shows how the husband and the wife, mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, should conduct themselves. Tulasidas describes the affection of a teacher for his disciples and the respect of the disciples for their teacher. But his poem is not just a moral Piece. Tulasidas has narrated the story of Sri Rama in a moving and delightful way.