Gradually the number of followers of Tulasidas grew enormously. Poets like Nabhadas, Pranachand Chowhan, Hridayararn and Agradas became his disciples, too. Inspired by his preachings and ideal life they devoted themselves to the task of spreading the cult of Rama Bhakti.

Once Tulasidas came to Mathura, the centre of Krishna's devotees. Goswami went to the temple of Krishna. He was greeted and welcomed warmly by the holy men there. They said to him, "Sir, we believe that you are a matchless devotee of Sri Rama. Is it true you never sing of any Gods other than Sri Rama?"

Tulasidas said, "No. It is not so. In fact Sri Rama is Sri Krishna." And then he composed on the spot a song on Sri Krishna and sang it. Though it was on Sri Krishna, the attributes were those of
Sri Rama. The saints and sages gathered there were highly pleased. It is said that a miracle took place. Even as Tulasidas's song ended the idol of Sri Krishna (with a flute in his hand) in the inner shrine appeared as the idol of Sri Rama holding a bow in his hand.

People who witnessed this sight stood amazed. They were full of praise for Tulasidas who showed that Sri Rama and Sri Krishna were one.

After this Tulasidas composed his 'Krishna Geetavali'. Goswami Tulasidas had visited all the holy places. He spent his last days in Kashi. It is said that in his last days he suffered from pain in the arms. Having lived a fruitful and saintly life of 136 years Tulasidas passed away in 1680 of the Vikrama Era (i.e. 1623 A. D.) in Asighat of Kashi.

Scholars say that Goswami Tulasidas has written 37 books. But only 12 of them have survived.