People say that Tulasidas got the opportunity of seeing Anjaneya because of the help of a Brahmarakshasa (a spirit under curse).
Kashi (Banares) is a holy place on the banks of the sacred river Ganga. The famous temple of Lord Vishweshwara is in Kashi. And it is also the home of Hindu culture. In one part of Kashi there was a temple of Anjaneya. Tulasidas made it his home. He used to bathe in the Ganga every day and then go to theVishweshwara temple to offer prayers; thereafter for hours he would be immerse in meditation. In the evening he gave discourses. In this way a few years passed.

One day as usual Tulasidas poured water out of his vessel at the foot of a tree.

As Tulasidas was returning with his head bowed, suddenly a brahmarakshasa appeared before him, and saluted him.

The water was sanctified by the touch of Tulasidas; it fell on the rakshasa and he was freed from a curse. Full of gratitude the liberated spirit said to Tulasidas, "Please tell me, sir, what I can do for you."

There was but one wish that haunted Tulasidas day and night and that was to see Sri Rama by winning the grace of Anjaneya.
So he said to the brahmarakshasa "Please help me to meet God Anianeya."

The spirit said: "An ugly old man comes to listen to your discourses in the temple every day. Probably you have not noticed him. He is the first to come and the last to go. His looks are disgusting. But he is none other than Anjaneya. Look for him."
So Anjaneya himself had been attending his discourses! Tulasidas jumped with joy.

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