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Acharya Mahaprajna Quotes


Man has accepted conflict as an innate part of daily existence because he has accepted competition, jealousy, greed, acquisitiveness and aggression as a natural way of life.

Nature’s law dictates that, in order to survive, bees must work together.  As a result, they instinctively possess a sense of social responsibility.  They have no constitution, no law, no police, no religion or moral training but, because of their nature, the whole colony survives.  We human beings have a constitutional, laws and a police force.  We have religion, remarkable intelligence, and hearts with a great capacity to love.  We have many extraordinary qualities but, in actual practice, I think we are behind those small insects.  In some ways, I feel that we are poorer than the bees.

When the mind and intellect developed, man asked, Who am I? Who is it before me?  The search for reality began . . . Moving one step towards finding the answer to the question, Who am I, we brought consciousness from outside to inside.  Wisdom turned the direction of the consciousness within and we perceived our soul.  The journey of the soul in the outer world was over and the journey within had begun.

So long as you think you have the least difference from God, fear will seize you, but when you have known that you are He, that there is no difference, entirely no difference, that you are He, all of Him, and the whole of Him, all fear ceases.  Therefore, dare to be free, dare to go as far as your thought leads, and dare to carry that out in your life.

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