Creation of Brahma

The Puranas state that, Brahma is self-born in a lotus flower (without a mother) Some legends says that Brahma  was born in water. A seed that later became the golden egg. From this golden egg, Brahma the creator was born, as Hirangabaya. The remnants of this golden egg expanded into the Brahamanand or Universe. Being born in water, Brahma is also called Kanja .

In some places it is mentioned that Brahma is the son of the Supreme Being, which is known as Brahman, and the powerful female energy known as Prakrit or Maya.

The image seen of Brahma shows the connection of the lotus between Brahma and Vishnu this can also be taken as a symbol for the primordial fetus and primordial placenta. The placenta is generated upon conception, but only the fetus continues into the world afterward. Likewise, Brahma is involved in creation, but Vishnu continues thereafter