Ganesh Chaturathi
Ganesh Chaturathi
Bring Him Home
Grand Celebration
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Bring Him Home


A majority of people prefer to bring Him home one day prior to the day of Chaturthi. I too, recommend you the same.

Be sure to Carry the following:

  • Aggarbatti
  • Dhoop
  • Aarti Thali
  • One Supari
  • One Paan Leaf
  • Cloth to cover Murti
  • Cloth to keep on Sandli before placing Murti
  • Sandli

Saying 'Om Gan Ganpatiye Namah' place the Paan Leaf with a Supari resting on top of it on the floor in front of the Sandli. Also place a dakshina for the people who have artistically created the beautiful Murti.

Take His name, and pray for the festival to be a blessed one!
You are ready to leave. Take Him Home! - Ganpati Bappa Moriya!
(Leave the paan, supari and the dakshina at the place behind)

Before entering Home with the Murti, ask a family member to bring a bowl of rice. Shower the rice (kacha rice) on Him before He steps inside.

On the day of Chaturthi, Before placing Him on his Sthaan, place some rice, on it rest a Supari, Haldi, KumKum, Abhil and Dakshina.
Place Him on His Sthaan.
You are ready for the Sthapna.