Leelas Of Lord Venkateswara


Introduction of The Hundi Robber

Reddy with the name of the Lord on his lips was making the journey to the Hills. On the way at one place when he was walking alone, a way robber attacked him and demanded everything he possessed at the point of a knife.

Reddy though strong and well built, got frightened because the other man possessed a knife. He therefore was prepared to surrender everything to him. But he requested the rabbet: to take all that he had leaving the chest alone, because it belonged to Lord Venkateswara and he could not therefore part with it.

The thief did not agree. He scolded the Lord and threatened Reddy again. Reddy still did not lose courage. He advised him calmly that it was not fair on his part to demand the offerings meant for the Lord and talk about Him abusively. He further said that even if he forced him to part with it the Lord would not let him free till such time He co lected the full amount with interest from him. He made it clear to him that the Lord was born on earth only to rectify the sinners like him and also save the innocent.

All those words fell into deal ears. The thief paid no heed to the advice by Reddy. He pushed Reddy clown and ran away with the booty.

At home he told his wife that that was a good day for him since he was a very wealthy man and possessed .hundreds of rupees. He explained her how he was able to get so much money.

She noticed 'Namam' on the chest her husband had with him and at once guessed that it should be an offering to Lord Venkateswara. She feared that her husband had committed a great sin. She therefore told him that he had committed a great blunder in robbing the Hundi meant for the Lord and the Lord would not leave him unpunished. He had also to pay the penalty. So she advised him to return the Hundi to the owner alongwith another five rupees which she give him towards penalty.

But the thief refused to take her advice, He considered her to be a fool to refuse such a big amount. He said to her, 'who believes in God nowadays? There is no God. You need not give me any advice. Mind your work.' The wife could not therefore, convince him and so she left it at that.

That night while the thief was sleeping, there appeared in his dream at about midnight Lord Venkateswara in the. form of a devotee with a beard and a big namam. He had a conch in one hand and a cane in the other. He woke him up hitting him with the cane, The theif got up in fear. It was pitch dark all round. In the midst he could see a patch of light, focussed. The thief could guess that it was God himself that appeared before him in that guise. He prostrated before that person and begged pardon and promised that he would restore the Hundi to the proper person. The light soon disappeared.

The thief woke up his wife and told her what he had !<eeD in his dream. She asked him to immediately rush up and. return the Hundi to the person concerned.

Reddy, who had been beaten and looted, some how managed to reach a choultry. He prayed God to excuse for his inability to make the Hundi reach him. He soon fell asleep.

The thief some how reached the choultry where Reddy was sleeping. He was glad to see him there, He prostrated before him, placed the Hundi near his head together with Rupees five and begged to be excused and returned home. That repentence rectified his character and he left his profession of way laying and robbing and became a great devotee of Lord Venkateswara. He used to earn by working hard and found pleasure in his work.

Reddy, when he woke up found to his surprise the Hundi near his head alongwith another five rupees. He wondered at the Leela of the Lord and praised his in many words. The Lord had justified his Avatar by this act. Reddy reached Tirupati happily.

At Tirupati he visited Govindaraja Swamy Sannidhi, Bibinancharamma Sannidhi and Padmavati temple at Turichanur.

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