Leelas Of Lord Venkateswara


Introduction of The Lord Blesses Long Life

Vina Venkateasm Nanadho Nanadho
Sada Venkatesam Smaramee Smaramee
Hare Venkatesa Praseeda Praseeda
Priyam Venkatesam Prayacha Prayacha.

Once, in a village, about fifteen miles to the North of Madras, there lived a merchant. He belonged to the Velala community. He was a wealthy man and a Land Lord too. He was respected by all.

He used to get up early in the morning finish his bath and then decorate the picture of Sri Venkateswara with flowers and Tulasi garlands and place before it fruits of different varieties and sing Suprabatham, Prapathi, Mangala Sasanam of the Lord, offer naivedyam and harati before commencing his normal duties. This was his daily routine.


[casting of herbs to the ocean of milk]

Those who possess wealth will have: no children and those with a number of children will have no wealth. This is the God's game. This way He tests his Bhakthas. Here also, though the merchant had plenty of property he was not having any children. The merchant was worried at this. He had no other go but to seek the God's blessings. He prayed and prayed for long.

After some time, the merchant was blessed by the Lord. His wife became pregnant. Both he and his wife were very happy at this. They vowed to make a pilgrimage to the Seven Hills. So they started on an auspicious day to Venkatachalam. There they peformed 10 the Lord Archana, Astothara pooja and also dropped in the Hundi their offerings and returned home contented.

By God's blessings, on a propitious day, the merchant's wife delivered a son. Both of them rejoiced over .the birth of the child. They praised the Lord in many words. They distributed sweets. They named the child Tirumalayya, after the name of the God they worshipped and by whom they were blessed. They brought him up very affectionately. The boy under their kind care grew up like the moon. Even at studies he was very intelligent and quick at grasping.

The merchant desired his son's Horoscope be written He called astrologers and requested them to write it.

He asked the astrologers to study the horoscope and tell him about his son's future. The astrologers kept mum. They feared to reveal the truth, as it was unpleasant.

However, under pressure from the merchant, they said that the boy's horoscope was quite good in all aspects except that he may not live after 25. Who can go against God's will. they said. Reciving their remuneration the astrologers left the place.