Leelas Of Lord Venkateswara


Introduction of Tarikonda Venkamamba

Krishniah then felt that in the circumstances, it would be better if he got her married immediately lest it may not be possible for him to celebrate her marriage at a later stage. So, many alliances were tried. Who ever came to see her said that she was very beautiful. They admired her' knowledge too. Yet, none accepted her for marriage. Some felt that she was more than her age for divineness while some others felt she would not be a dutiful wife being the sixth child of her parents. However, Krishniah tried to passify them by explaining their daughter's good qualities and experience in domestic duties. But that had no effect.

After sometime, the parents of a good natured brahmin lad. came to Krishniah's house seeking alliance. Krishniah explained to them that their daughter Venkamamba was very good at domestic duties and since she was born to them out of a boon of Lord Venkateswara her mind was a little inclined towards God and that that was but natural. Being convinced, the boy's parents agreed for the alliance and on an auspicious day Venkamamba's marriage was celebrated on a grand scale.

Even in her parents-in-law’s house, Venkamamba continued to devote much of her time in devotion not minding her other duties in the house as a daughter-in-law. Her father-in-law was quite unhappy over this. He therefore wrote to Krishniah about her behavior there. His relatives also blamed Krishniah. Krishniah was quite ashamed. Not knowing how to get over this he was much worried,

Meanwhile Venkamamba attained puberty. With this her personality also improved. She appeared more beautiful. Her parents and parents-in-law discussed together and concluded that if nuptial is conducted she may get inclined to married life. So on an auspicious day they celebrated the nuptial ceremony and sent her to the bed-room along with her husband.

Her husband tried to talk to her. He approached her for conjugal pleasure. But Venkamamba cautioned him not to near her. She disowned him to be her husband. She told him that her husband and Saviour was Lord Venkateswara only) and that her parents had foolishly married her to him though she was not for it. Hence she suggested that he may marry some body else and lead a family life. Not her words, the husband tried to near her further. Venkamamba grew wild. Her eyes reddened. She looked furious. In an angry tone she burst out saying that if he did not get out of that place immediately he would be killed. The poor husband could not force her. Her appearance frightened him. He ran away from there trembling in fear and reached his village. His mind was puzzled. He grew mad' He began to wander in the streets crying. After some time he died.

According to the Hindu custom a widow had to get her head tonsured. Since Venkamamba's husband died, the village elders have decided that her head should be shaved. But Venkamamba refused. She asserted that she was Dot a widow since she felt that her husband was only Lord Venkateswara and not the one that had died. Having thus failed in their attempt, the villagers felt that they would be defamed in society and hence decided to out cast her.

Krishniah could not act against the decision of the village elders. So, he drove his daughter out from home. Venkamamba did not feel wounded. She patiently bore all the difficulties that came her way and continued her devotion to God. She then began to move about freely singing songs in praise of the Lord. The orthodox,. villagers, to take revenge on her. charged her being a, scoundral and a prostitute. However, some said she was an angel and a God sent and praised her in many words an treated her kindly. A few months passed this way: unable to bear the dishonour on account of his daughter, Krishniah gradually sunk and ultimately died.

Once Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya came to that village with his disciples. The brahmins in the village received him with due honour and requested him to give them the pleasure of serving him for a few days. He agreed to their request and stayed in the village for sometime. During that period some of those who did not relish the behaviour of Venkamamba, thought that that was an opportune occasion and appealed to the Jagadguru to mend Venkamamba, who they felt was bringing discredit to their community by her haughty behaviour. Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya ordered his disciples to present Venkamamba before him.

As per the Acharya's directions, his disciples met Venkamamba and informed her their Gum's order.

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