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The Eternal Youths
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21) BALARAM AVATAR (Incarnation as Balrama) : Balrama is considered to be the twenty-first incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In this incarnation he killed Pralambasura the demon and he
killed many more demons.



22) KRISHNA AVATAR (Incarnation as Krishna) : Lord Krishna born in Mathura was the twenty-second incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He fought against the exploitation right from his childhood and killed many demons like Kalayavan, Kansa, Jarasandh etc. He gave a divine knowledge to Arjun during the battle of Kurukshetra.



23) BUDDHA AVATAR (Incarnation as Buddha) : The twenty-third incarnation of Lord Vishnu was as Lord Buddha. In the Kaliyuga the demons were completely subjugated by the deities. Shukracharya the teacher of the demons instigated the demons to perform Yagya so that they could regain power and authority. Fearing this the deities prayed to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu took incarnation as Buddha and dissuaded the demons from performing Yagya as it involves violence the demons stopped performing Yagyas.


24) KALKI AVATAR (Incarnation as Kalki) : At the end of Kaliyuga, when the sins would be 80, all pervading that the kings would themselves becomes thieves then Lord Vishnu would take his twenty-fourth incarnation as Kalki by taking birth in the village of 'Shambhal'. He would take birth in a Brahmin family of Vishnuyash. By killing and destroying the sinners, he would re-establish the superiority of Virtuosity and religiousness.