Khmer Temples & Mythology

Angkor Wat



Introduction - The Khmer Empire, Which is about 500 years was the most powerful on the mainland of southeast Asia, was ruled for the greater part of its history from Angkor...more>>

History - The history of the Khmer Empire, and in particular the Angkorean period from 802 to c, 1431, has traditionally been seen from the standpoint 01 lowland Cambodia...more>>

Religious Symbolism - Every surviving Khmer building had a religious purpose. The reason is simply that only temples and other religious foundations merited the use of permanent materials...more>>


ANGKOR WAT - The temple was build during the first half of the 12th Century by KIng Suryavarman II (r 1113-1150) in the southeast quardant of the old Angkor city of Suryavarman I...more>>