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Religious Fasts

(Lord Shiva - The Diety of Monday)

(This story is connected with Monday fast. Monday fast is practised to propitiate Lord Shiva. It has special significance in the month of Shravan. Meals are taken only once a day, generally after midday. It is believed that Monday fast results in happy family life and acquisition of knowledge.)

Once upon a time, there was a poor Brahman. He had nothing to sustain his family.

One day his wife said to him, "My Lord, can't you go out for earning money? We are in need of food."

The Brahman said, "It is my pious duty to feed you all.
I have no income. I shall go out to make some income. Give me my lota (brass pot) and string."

The Brahman's wife gave him his lota and string and he started on his journey. There was a big peepal tree. It was beside a cross-road on the Kachcha path. He raised a small platform around the tree and meditated there for twelve long years. The passers-by offered him food.

Lord Shiva was pleased with his prayers and Monday fasts. He disguised himself as a Swami, an ascetic, with a dandi (staff) in his hand. He came near the peepal tree where the Brahman was meditating.

The Brahman opened his eyes. A Dandi Swami stood before him, blessing him with his raised hands.

The Swami said, "What is your desire? You can ask for some boon."
The Brahman was overwhelmed and said, "I have nothing to support my family. I need money."

The Dandi Swami said, "Worldly possessions are temporary. I shall give you a valuable Mantra. It will help you fulfil all your desires."

The Brahman said, "What is that Mantra, O Swamiji?"

The Swami said, "The Mantra is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all are related with one or the other deity. Lord Shiva is the deity of Monday. Whosoever knows this secret gets nine treasures of Kubera, the Lord of Wealth, as also all the Riddhis and Siddhis i.e. prosperity, wealth etc."

Having got the Mantra, the old Brahman was happy. His sister's village was nearby. He thought of going to her. The sister was surprised to see her brother. She said, "You have given me a pleasant surprise. What brings you here? You have visited my house after a long time." The Brahman said, "Let us sit down and talk about our family matters."

The sister replied, "I have no spare time to sit and talk. There are a lot of things to be done. I shall borrow a handful flour from my neighbour and cook food for you."

The brother said, "Clean and plaster your house with the cow dung first and light the holy lamp. Invite your neighbours. Put on new clothes, I shall tell you a valuable Mantra."

The old lady went from door to door to invite her neighbours. Many women gathered there to listen to the valuable Mantra.

The old Brahman said, "Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are related with one or other deities. Lord Shiva is the deity of Monday. Whosoever knows this secret gets nine treasures of Lord Kubera, the lord of wealth, as also all Riddhis and Siddhis."

To the great surprise of all gathered there, as soon as the Mantra was used, the Brahman's sister house got filled with a variety of household articles and enormous wealth. It was a pleasant surprise for the Brahman also, because he had tested the Mantra for the first time.

The Brahman's sister was now happy. She said, "Take your meals and have some rest."

The Brahman said, "I will not take my meals in your house because you are younger than me. I shall take my meals at my family priest's house."

On his way back home, he met his Baniya friend. He repeated the same Mantra there also. The Baniya's house also got filled with wealth.

The Brahman returned to his village. His wife was surprised to see him empty-handed. "You are here after twelve long years and still you have nothing with you", she said. "What is the matter?"

The Brahman said, "I have learnt a valuable Mantra from a Dandi Swami. The Mantra is more valuable than wealth.

The Brahman's wife got infuriated but the Brahmin made her listen to the Mantra. As the Brahmin recited the Mantra, by the grace of Lord Shiva, his house got filled with wealth.

The Brahman's wife was surprised to see such an immense wealth. "What shall we do with all this wealth?" She remarked.

The Brahman replied. "This wealth should be spent for the good of others. Let wells be dug all along the road-side to facilitate the travellers quench their thirst. Let marriages of all the poor unmarried girls be arranged by us."

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