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While entering a temple or a place of worship, one should follow the guidelines given below :

1. It is best to dress conservatively. Women should cover their heads with a shawl or a piece of cloth. However in case of Gurudwaras it is mandatory for everyone to cover their heads.

2. You should leave your shoes outside the temple. There is usually someone who will look after your shoes for a rupee or two.

3. A number of temples are off limits to non-Hindus. Other temples may allow non-Hindu to enter parts of the temple, but not the inner sanctum where the deity is located.

4. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the temple grounds.

5. Persons asking for donations or a fee to take photographs may approach you. do not blindly accept, that these persons are authorised.

6. Leather items should not be taken into a temple. At Jain temples they are strictly forbidden.

7. It is traditional to circle the temple, stupa or deities. This should always be done clockwise.

8. You should bow down to the deities with your left side to the deities, not your right side.

9. While walking in a crowded room you should not walk over people to get somewhere. This is considered extremely impolite.

10. While sitting in a temple, you should not point your legs towards the deities.

11.When you entter a temple, the temple pandas(Brahmin guides) may accost you and offer you a guided tour of the temple or some special parsad for a special donation.It ia best to ignore them as they can be a hindrance coming between your moments of prayer with God.

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