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Goddess Durga Bhajans

Aadi Divya Jyothi Mahaa Kaali Maa Namo
Devi Shakthi Mahaa Shakthi Kaali Maa Namo
Kaali Maa Namo, Sathya Sai Maa Namo
Shringa Shaila Vaasini Kaali Maa Namo
Sankata Haarini Mangala Kaarini Kaali Maa Namo
Kaali Maa Namo, Sathya Sai Maa Namo

(Oh Eternal, Effulgent Divine Light, Great Goddess Kaali, Oh Great Power, dweller of the snow-clad mountain tops, You have guarded us against pain and misery; You have brought auspiciousness into our lives. You are called by the name Kaali. You are also called by the name Sai. We bow to Thee, Divine Mother Sai.)

Akhilaandeshwari Amba Parameshwari
Sakala Jagat Ko Paalaya Maa
Sab Sukha Daayini Kashta Nivaarini
Vibhuda Vilaasini Paalaya Maa
Paalaya Maa Sai Paalaya Maa (2)

(Oh Goddess of the universe, please protect the whole world. You are the Goddess who gives mankind its happiness. You are the Goddess who removes pain and misery from all living creatures. You are the all-pervading Goddess. Protect us Mother. )

Amba Manda Haasa Vadani Manohari Sai Jagat Janani
Matha Matha Matha Jagat Janani
Jagat Janani Shubha Karini
Sathya Sai Jagan Matha

(Worship the auspicious Mother of the Universe, Mother Sai and Amba who has an enchanting face with a charming smile.)

Amba Parameshwari Akhilaandeshwari
Aadi Para Shakti Palayamaam
Tribhuvaneshwari Raajaraajeshwari
Ananda Roopini Paalayamaam

(Oh Goddess Amba (Parvati) Oh Divine Mother of the entire creation! Oh Queen of the Universe! Thy form is bliss. Thou art the nourisher, sustainer and protector.)

Amba Shankari Sashi Shekhari Parameshwari Amba
Sarveshwari Jagadeeshwari Parameshwari Amba
Sundari Guna Manjari Shiva Shankari Amba
Kaadambari Shwetambari Hari Sodari Amba

(Oh Mother, Consort of Shankar, Giver of Bliss, Thou art the universal Mother Thou art the Cause of all and Queen of this world, Oh Mother Beautiful beyond words, Thou art the Repository of all traits and dearest to Lord Shiva Universal Effulgence emanates from You and being the ultimate Power, You are clad in brilliant white The Sister of Hari, Oh Mother of the universe, Oh Mother!) sai

Ambey Bhavani Maa Jai Ambey Gauri Sai Maatha
Kasht Nivaaro Maiyya Bhakth Janonke
Sankatahaarani Maa Jai Ambey Gauri Sai Maatha
Kasht Nivaaro Maiyya Bhakt Janonkey
Parthipuri Sai Maa Jai Ambey Gauri Sai Maatha
Prem Bhaav Sey Pooja Karey Theree

(Victory to Mother Bhavani, Mother Sai. We pray to You with love. Kindly remove the difficulties of Your devotees, Oh Mother)

Ambey Janani Abhiraami
Abhayapradaayini Shiva Kaami
Ambey Janani Abhiraami
Shaambhavi Shankari Sarveshwari
Shaantha Swaroopini Shiva Shankari
Sathya Swaroopini Sai Maatha
Shaashwatha Ananda Daayini Maatha

(Hey Mother Ambe (Parvathi); The One who gives protection, Parvathi; Shambhavi, Shankari (Appellations of Parvathi), the supreme Goddess; The embodiment of peace, Parvathi; The embodiment of Truth, Mother Sai; The Mother who bestows ever lasting happiness)

Ashta Bhujangini Divya Swaroopini Kaali Kapaalini Maa Duritha Nivarini Bhava Bhaya Harini Mangalakaarini Maa Janani Shubha Janani Parthi Pureeshwari Shankari Maa (2x)

(Oh heavenly beauty, Goddess Durga, with eight arms, Mother Kaali, Kapaalini! You always help us quickly overcome our problems. You have encouraged us to overcome the fear of existence and getting entangled in the endless cycle of births and deaths. You have always brought auspiciousness into our lives. Oh Mother, Oh Divine Mother, Goddess of Puttaparthi (we adore You).)

Bhajorey Maa Bhajorey Maa
Bhajorey Bhaja Mana Sai Maa
Bhajorey Saraswathi Shankari Maa
Bhajorey Chandi Maheshwari Maa
Parvathi Bhava Bhaya Haarini Maa
Pankaja Lochani Sai Maa

(Oh Mind! Worship the Lotus-eyed Mother Sai, Destroyer of evil, fear and bondage of birth and death. Goddess Saraswati - bestower of knowledge.)

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