Surya Namaskara for Children

Children are complete but unexpressed personalities. They are the seed within which the whole is contained, but in potential form. We see the mysterious transformations of life all around and within us everyday, yet we still do not understand the process. How can we really help our children grow if we ourselves are not masters of our own life forces. Only a master gardener knows how much water, fertilizer and pruning a plant needs. In the same way, if we are not masters, then we should not try to prune our children, lest we cut off some essential part that may never grow back.

The Guru is the master gardener of the body, mind and soul. He knows how to guide the child's growth through all stages of development. As a simple formula, the spiritual masters of olden times prescribed Surya Namaskara along with simple nadi shodhana pranayama and gayatri mantra for children from the age of 8 years. Thus the integral development of children was assured from an early age.

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