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Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is the pathway of of Without action or detachment from the fruit of action no progress is possible. This means determining oneself through an act of pure action without attachment. The average individual acts because of a desire to possess. The disciple of this pathway acts without any desire to possess. This is the Yoga with an impetus of sacrifice and immolation, where the jnani achieves the same result through

Karma according to Vivekananda, system of ethics. The seeker strives to attain liberation through unselfish action. A Karma Yogi need not believe in any doctrine, or even God and need not indulge in metaphysical speculation. The idea of doing good has become a part of his very being and he has no need to seek for any motive outside. Any work or action done with a selfish motive forges a chain around our feet. So the only way is to give up all the fruits of work, to be unattached to them.

We must understand that motion which does not require motion, that action which does not require action, as we must understand that love which does not demand love.