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Gokula Temples

Gokula is where Krishna lived until He was seven years old. The pastimes of Damodar, the stealing obutter, and other childhood pastimes took place here. There are small mud and straw temples on the side of the hill that mark the places where Krishna killed the demons Putana, Trinavarta, and Sakatasura. The house of Nanda Maharaja was built over 5000 years ago by the architect Visvakarma.It is on a hill and has 84 pillars.

Utkhal (Grinding Mortar) is who Krishna was tied to the grinding morter by mother Yasoda. It is in a small hut, a km from the town of Mahavana. Nanda Maharaja's well is across the road from here.

Nearby, at Brahmanda Ghat, on the bank of the Yamuna River, is where Krishna ate dirt. When forced by mother Yasoda to open His mouth, He revealed to her the entire cosmic manifestation



Raval is the birthplace of Srimati Radharani. It is 9 km from Mathura on the other side of the river. once King Vrishabhanu went to the Yamuna River to take bath. He saw a golden lotus flower that shone like a million suns in the middle of the river. In the middle of the lotus flower was baby Srimati Radharani. Lord Brahma appeared before King Vrishabhanu and told himthat in his vious life he and his wife, Kirtida, had perforrned great austerities to get the consort of Lord Vishnu as their daughter.

King Vrishabhanu took the child home, but found Her to be blind. Narada Muni appeared before the king and told him that despite the child's blindness he should go ahead and perform all the auspicious birth ceremonies. Nanda Maharaja brought baby Krishna along for the ceremonies. When baby Krishna crawled before Srimati Radharani, she could smell the wonderful aroma of His body, and at that moment She opened Her eyes.The first person She saw was Her eternal consort, Sri Krishna.


Baldeva (known as Dauji)

There is a temple hers with a two metre (6'6") Balarama Deity that was installed by Vajranabha, about 5000 years ago. This is the largest Deity in Braja Mandala. Balarama is black, with huge eyes, and His right hand is raised. In His left hand is a cup full of Varuni beverage. He is one of the four presiding Deities of Vrindavana. This Balarama Deity is the only original presiding in Braja.

The Deity was lost for a long time, but was rediscovered in a kund behind the Dauji Temple called Shiv Nagara (also called Khisagar or "sea of milk").

This place is 18 km southeast of Mathura, on the other side of the rir.


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