Eighty Types of Gems Popularly

Used in gems and jewels therapy

RUBY:  Ruby or Maanikya is generally red and sometimes pink, has to be above 24 ratti in weight to become so and is highly precious.  This is gem the planet Ssun favours.

DIAMOND: It is available in white, light yellow, light pink and light black colours.  This is a gem for Venus.

EMERALD: Bright green precious stones, like a corn of moong pulse, the gem is Mercury’s favourite.

BLUE SAPPHIRE: Though is colour is generally bright blue, like a peacock’s neck, it is also available in sky blue shades.  This gem Saturn Likes.

CAT’S EYE: There is a streak in it like that of cat, hence is also called Sutramani.  This apart, this gem is also available in white colour bearing yellowish or sootish streaks.  This is a gem Ketu (Cacuda Draconis or Dragon’s Tail) loves.

PEARL:  It is a gem that invites Moon’s favours.  It is found in white, light pink, cream, and vibgyor colours.

CORAL:  It is found either in red or in vermilion colours, not in metamorphic-rocks and invites power of Mars.

YELLOW SAPPHIRE:  This is generally found in yellow, white and saffron colours.  It is also called in Indian mythology as Pushparaga, as it is available in all colours that nature produces.  This gem wins Jupite’s favours.

ZIRCON:  Zircon has many colours.  However, the colour for which we  call  it a zorcon (Gomed) is actually either smoky red or smoky brown or smoky grey.  This is Rahu’s (Caput Draconis or Dragon’s Head) favourite.

TURQUOISE:  This is a semi-gem of blue sapphire, has greenish tinge in its sky blue colour.

ROMANI:  This is semi-gem of ruby, of red colour with black tinge.

LALRHI:  This is a deep pink or rose-petal coloured gem, a semi-gem of the ruby.

PERIDOT:  It is Light green in colour like that of a parrot.  It does not have any streak of any colour.  It works in place of emerald.

OPAL:  It is a soft stone, and a semi-gem of pearl.  Almost all colours can have their tinges in it and, therefore, is available in all colours.

TOURMALINE:  It is soft stone.  It is available in many colours and is a semi-gem of diamond.

SPINEL RUBY:  This gem is blackish or yellowish, a semi-gem of ruby.

TOPAZ:  It is light coloured like gold.  A semi-yellow sapphire, the gem can be prescribed in place of yellow sapphire.  It is the jewel favourite to the king of Planets, Jupiter.  It is considered sacred in Hinduism.

AMETHYST:  It is a smoky violet or blue coloured gem.  It can be used in place of blue sapphire, and is a choice gem to please the Saturn.

GOLD STONE:  It is ochrous in colour in which gold coloured tinges can be traced.  It is also called as Sangsitara, and mostly shines in all its sides.

ROCK –CRYSTAL:  These are white transparent stones.

GODANTA (Cow’s Teeth):  It is found in cow’s teeth colour with slight yellow tinges, also contains streaks of thread on it.  It is a choice stone for ketu (Cauda Draconis or Dragon’s Tail).

GARNET (Taamrha):  Deep transparent red in colour, It is used in place of ruby, as it is also another semi-gem of ruby.

LOODHYA: This is another semi-gem of ruby, deep red in colour, can be used in place of a ruby.

MARIYAM:  It is white coloured semi-gem of pearls, which allow polish on its body.

LOAD-STONE (Maktaanis):  It is also call chak-makk stone.  It is white with back tinges.

SINDURIA:  It is pink with white tinges on it.  A semi-gem of coral, it can be used in place of corals.

NEELI:  It belongs to the class of blue sapphire, but is softer and has yellowish tinge.  It is also a semi-gem of the blue sapphire.

SMOKY QUARTZ (Dhunela):  A shining stone coloured with smoky tinge, it also can be used in place of blue sapphires.

AQUAMARINE (Bairooz):  Its colour is light green or that of a blue sea.  It is also a semi-gem of blue sapphires.

JADE (Margaz):  It is a hard, usually green stone, a semi-gem of emeralds.

BLOOD-STONE (Pitaunia):  It is a stone of green colour with red spots on it, a semi-gem of emeralds.

BAANSHI:  It is a soft semi-gem of emeralds, on which polishing can bring very good effects.

DURENAZFF: It is like an unripe seed of paddy on which good polish is possible.

ONXY (Sulemani):  It is a black coloured stone with white stripes.

AALEMANI:  It belongs to the Onyx class, of grey in colour with stripes.

JAJEMANI:  It also belongs on the Onyx class, of grey or yellow in colour with stripes.

SAVORE:  A semi-gem of emeralds, it is green in colour with brown or grey stripes on it.

TURSAVA:  It is a very soft stone, yellowish pink in colour, a semi-gem of emerald group.

AHWA:  A semi-gem of emerald group, this too in pink in colour but with spots on it

AABARI:  It is a black precious stone.  A semi-gem of blue sapphire.

LAPIS LAJULI (Laajwarta): It is a soft stone of blue colour.  In ancient times, it was considered as the blue sapphire, of which it is only a semi-gem.

KUDURATH:  It is also a semi-gem of blue sapphire, but black in colour with yellowish scars on it.

CHITTI:  A semi-gem of blue sapphire, again, it is black in colour with white stripes tinges of golden shade are seen on it.

WHITE JADE (Sangsan):  It is white and are being coloured in many hues these days.

LAAROO:  It is an essence of Marwar stones.

MARWAR:  A semi-gem of coral, it is found in bamboo colour, red or white.

KIDNEY –STONE (Daanaa Firanga):  A semi-gem of the emeralds, its colour is that of pista (pistachio nuts).

KASAUTI:  This is a black stone used to test the purity of gold.  It is a choice stone to please unfavourable Saturn.

DAARCHANAA:  This stone looks like cinnamon.

HAKEEK KALABAHAAR:  These stones are created under water.  Its colour is green with yellow tinge.  Generally, necklaces are made of these stones, It is a semi-stone of emerald.

HAALON:  A semi-gem of pearls, this stone has black tree picture made naturally on its white body.

SEEJAREE:  It is a white stone too.  It also has a black tree formed on its body.  It is also a semi-gem of pearls.

MUBENJAFF:  It is a white semi-gem of pearls.  Coloured hair line linements are found on its body.

AMBER (Kahruba):  It is red in colour.  A semi-gem of ruby group, it is worn as necklaces.

JHHANA:  A stone for moon, it filters water if dropped on it.

SANGBASAREE:  It is used to prepare collyrium for eyes.  It is favourable to planet Saturn.

DAATALA:  With yellow tinges it look like old conch-shells.  It is a semi-gem of pearls.

MAKRHA:  It is light black in colour, on top of it there lies cobweb shades.  A semi-gem to appease the planet Saturn.

SANGEEYA:  It is white as a conch-shell.  A semi-gem of pearls.  This stone is used as locket of a watch.

GOODHRI:  It is a stone available in many colours and forms.  Generally the mendicants wear these stones.  These are semi-gem of Sun.

KAAMLAA:  A semi-gem of emeralds. It is green in colour with whitish tinge on body.

CHPHERY:  Greenish sky, it is a semi-gem of the planet Saturn.

HAREEDH:  It is grayish black in colour.  A semi-gem of Zircon, it is quite heavy, fir for chains round the neck.

HAVAAS:  Green with golden tinge on body.  It is used as medicine.  It is a semi-gem of emeralds.

SEENGLEE:  It belongs to the type of rubies.  It is red with dark tinge in colour.

DDHERHI:  It is polished black.  Mortars, for grinding medicines, and cups are made of these stones.  Even idols and garlands can be made out of these stones.  It is a stone to please the planet Saturn.

AGATE (Hakeek):  This stone is found in all colours.  Mostly used in making idols, handles and cups.  This stone is semi-precious.

GOURI:  Available in all colours.  There are white threadmarks seen on these.  These stones are used to make weights to weigh cups and jewellery.

SEEYA:  It is black in colour.  Idols are made of this material.  It is a semi-gem of the planet Saturn.

SOMAACK:  It is red with pink tinge in colour.  Pink spots are found all around on these gems.  A Sun’s favourite, it is used to make the hard bowls for grinding medicines etc.

MOOSAA:  It is coloured like white clay.  Used to make mortars, cups etc.  It is one of the moon-stones.

PANDHAN:  These are black stones with greenish tinge.  Dolls, idols etc are made of this material.  It wields favour from the planet Saturn.

AMALIYA:  It is a pink gem with blackish shades.  It is used to make the bowl for grinding medicines.  It is material.  It wields favour from the planet Saturn.

DOOR:  Its colour is pale brown like catechu, used to make the bowl for grinding medicines etc.  It is a semi-gem of zircon.

LILIYAR:  Black with white spots, this stone is used to make the same bowls.  A semi-gem of the blue sapphire.

KHAARAA:  It is a black with greenish shades.  Used like the above, Liliyar or Door, it is a semi-gem of blue sapphire.

PAARAA JAHAR:  It is a gem of emerald group, looks like white bamboos.  It heals wounds and the chronic wounds rather quickly.

GYPSUM:  Its colour is like normal clay.  Used in making dolls, children’s toys etc.  It is generally opaque and many times found colourless too.  Found in Italy and England mostly, also known as ‘Desert Rose’ because of its rosy colour.

JAHAR MOHARA:  It is a white stone with greenish tinge.  It has such remedial properties, that even poison loses its injurious effects.  It is a semi-gem of emeralds.

RAVAAT:  It is red in colour.  If one gets fever at night, these stone subsides the temperature if it is fixed in the arm-pit.  It is also blue in colour, useful in making medicines.  It wields favour from Sun.

SOHAN MAKKHI:  It is similar to the white clay.  It exudes good effect in the urinary diseases.  It is a medicinal gem.

HAZRATEY OODH:  It is a stone to appease the planet Saturn.  It is black in colour and used to prepare medicines.

SOORMA:  It is a black stone.  A stone for the planet Saturn, its powder is applied in the eyelids after proper remedial purification.

PAARAS:  It is a stone with miraculous properties.  If it is touched with a piece of iron, the piece would turn into gold.  It is a very rare stone.  It is stone to appease the planet Saturn.  Though people say it is black in colour, yet it has not been seen by man.