Why wear a gem stone

The astrological explanation supporting Wearing  a gem or jewel

There are some well-defined principle to which one has to relate the ceremony of wearing a gem or a jewel.  This is well observed throughout the world in all human societies.  In India, a few invaluable norms which guide the ceremonies are as follows:

According to Astrology, the guidance about bearing the gem or jewels relate to the Janma Rashi (the zodiac sign in which the moon was posited at the time of birth) Naam Rashi (the zodiac sign of the birth in which it would be decided) Janmdin (the birthday), Janmamaas (the month when born), Janma Nakshatra (the constellation in which the moon was posited at the time of birth). That means one should wear a gem or a jewel according to the laid down practices observing these moments.

The purpose of wearing is chiefly to pacify an unfavorable planet or to strengthen the weak planet which should favour if empowered.  Some even ask a native to wear the gem or jewel that earns favour of the lagnesh (Ascendant lord for the native).  If so accomplished the efforts result in increasing the lifetime or the personality of the native.

The gems which are prescribed are actually different to suit the different aspirations.   As for example: for aspiration of getting an heir the gem should be that please the lord of the fifth House, for marriage the gem should please lord of the seventh House, for boosting the luck, the gem must appease the lord of the fate lines the growing up in business or getting a job the gem must be those which would please the lord of the ascendant and the lord of the Tenth House of the zodiac signs.

One must keep in mind that never any gem or jewel is prescribed when the native is having the ascendant lord in any one of the Sixth or Eight or Twelfth houses.

Many pundits, also follow the dictates of the Mahadasha (the major influence period of a planet) and Antardasha (the period of influence of the sub-constrellation), and wear a gem or a jewel only according to the norms in such conditions, which in many ways are indeed correct.

When somebody has to wear more than one gem or jewel, one must keep in mind that he or she must not put on those gem or jewel which are antagonistic to each other in effects or are inimical to one another.

The gem weighing less than one renders incomplete results.  Hence only those weighing more than one must be worn on person, such as four ratti and a quarter, or five ratti and a quarter or nine ratti and a quarter in weights.

Whenever one should wear a gem or a jewel on person the medium must be of that particular mineral, which suits the governing planet.  Such as, the pearl should be studded in silver, ruby in gold, coral in copper, the blue sapphire in an alloy, etc.

The gem also must be worn in the relative fingers, such as, yellow sapphire in the index finger (which is the finger that the lord of planets,Jupiter,favours), the blue sapphire should be worn in the middle finger, ruby – the gem for the sun – in the rings – fingers , emerald – the gem Mercury Favours—in the little finger.

When the gem are worn after proper observation of rituals, purifying them in mantras and thereby putting life into them, at a day and moment auspicious for the native with all blessing of the elders and gods and goddesses, they give prospriety and all happiness to the native.

In Ayurveda, the gems have been used as a born in forms of medicinal ash obtained after burning some types of gems, linctus and powder.  However, in Astrology the utility of the gem has always been in their wearing according to the tenets of processes and observations.  But enough was not written on the rituals of their wearing and on the science of Gemology.  Therefore, it is necessary that some amount of practical analysis be done on it.

The suggested days for wearing the gem are as under:  Pearl on Monday, Ruby on Sunday, Coral on Tuesday, Emerald on Wednesday, Yellow Sapphire on Thursday, Diamond on Friday and Blue sapphire on the Saturdays.

Many keep the gems separately without putting them on person only to find out their utilities or purity.  In such condition, if a gem is kept in a piece of cloth coloured according to the relative planet’s suitability, purify that with mantras and then wrap that on his her right arm for a week—before actually wearing and touching the skin—the gem can be well  tested. As for example:  A piece of ruby should be wrapped in a piece of red silk cloth for a week and fasten that around the right arm, but only on a Sunday.  That means the ruby is the planet that sun favours, it brings the energy of the sun and the benefits, after wrapped in a red silk cloth it actually remains within the ambit of the sun’s influence, because sun’s choice colour is the bright red, which actually a red silk cloth contains.  Similarly, if the blue sapphire is required to be born on person, touching the skin, then do the same on a Saturday and wrap the gem in a piece of blue silk cloth, fasten it round the right arm before wearing on person.  For the Saturn favours the bright blue colour which the blue silk cloth-piece has.

The gems whichever have to worn in whichever forms of shapes, a ring or a locket  or in a garland or round the arm that must be open from its hind-side so that the rays of the gems enter the skin and thus enter the body.

The gems, before wearing should preferably be put under milk or Ganga-water and should be anointed by incense, lamp, and sandal-paste, to invoke the divine powers in them.

This apart, it is also necessary that the gems should be purify by ritualistic chants of shashtras, according to the avowed practices, such as: the ruby should be anointed by sun-prayers, 7,000 times, pearl by the Moon-prayers 11,000 times, Coral by the Mars-prayers 10,000 times, emerald by the mercury-prayers for 6,000 times, yellow sapphire by the Jupiter’s-prayers for 19,000 times, diamond by the Venus- prayers for 16,000 times, blue sapphire by Saturn-prayers for 23,000 times, zircon by the Rahu-prayers for 18,000 times, cat’s eye or lapis lajuli by ketu-prayers for 17,000 times.

One must never forget, as has been said several times before in different contexts, that all precious stones become ineffective if they are used without anointed them by mantras according to the faiths, name, family, tradition, zodiac signs and Ascendants.