Sun Mantras

All the external sounds which we perceive are created when two or more objects, such as the vocal cords, strike together and set up a vibration in the atmosphere. These vibrations then enter the ear, in turn setting up vibrations in the eardrum and its fluid. The nature of these vibrations is relayed to the brain where they are acknowledged and compared to the memory of all past sounds, and mental images are then created. In this way sound is continuously affecting our minds.

Mantras are combinations of sounds, which are designed to produce a specific effect on the mind and its functioning. The mantra can be spoken aloud, whispered or repeated mentally, but mental repetition is the superior method. When a sound is mentally repeated with awareness and concentration, the thought takes on the form of that sound, it becomes that sound, and the energy inherent in that sound manifests in the mind.

Mantras are formulated from letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, each letter having its own particular vibrational frequency and corresponding effect on the consciousness. These fifty two sounds, known as Devanagari, were realized by the ancient rishis of the vedic period during deep states of meditation. These highly evolved souls were able to touch on the source of all sound energy, the shabda brahman, the supreme consciousness manifesting as sound.

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