Therapeutic Principles

Surya Namaskara is a versatile, adaptable and powerful tool in the yoga therapist's armament. It has a wide range of therapeutic applications. Because it is easy ad enjoyable to perform and does not require a great deal of time, there is also a good patient compliance.

Good physical health is a prerequisite for good mental health. This is all part of Surya Namaskara's role as a preventative measure. We must not forget this most important aspect as prevention is far superior to cure.

In this section we will outline Surya Namaskara's therapeutic properties, describing how it attacks the disease process and helps to align physical function, energy flow and mental balance. Indeed, Surya Namaskara's role in mental health is far greater than most people suspect and in certain conditions, notably psychosis, it is one of the most useful and powerful tools the yoga therapist has at his disposal. In some situations it surpasses even meditation in its ability to rearrange the energies that, having become distorted, have led to varying degrees of mental and nervous breakdown.

Though Surya Namaskara is an efficient way to root out certain diseases, especially low energy disease states, psychosomatic and certain degenerative conditions, it must be used judiciously and wisely. Once again, of course, it should only be taught in a therapeutic setting under expert guidance. For this practice releases vast quantities of pranic flow that may have been trapped for many years.

The healing process must be slow and controlled if it is not to degenerate and result in more pain and discomfort in the form of healing crises, for example, boils, rashes, colds or diarrhea. In an even more extreme situation such as high blood pressure, stroke, coronary artery disease, hernia, intestinal tuberculosis or in a very debilitated body system, the extra energy released may be all that is required to tip the balance and destroy vital body organs. A pipe with a crack in it must be welded first before it can handle extra internal pressure. In the same way the healing process must be conducted in a stepwise and systematic way. This requires experience.

As a rule, all therapy should be undertaken under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner and an expert yogic therapist.

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