As stated in Hindu mythology  the process of creation at the beginning started with Lord  Brahma, creating the eleven Prajapatis who are believed to be the fathers of the human race or the chosen ones to begin the human race.

In the Man  they are citied as -

• Marici,
• Atri
• Angiras
• Pulastya,
• Pulaha,
• Kratuj,
• Vashishta,
• Pracetas  / Daksha,
• Bhrigu
• Nārada

He is also said to have created the seven great sages or the Saptarishi who in turn helped him create the universe. All the forms he created or we can say, since all his sons were created or born out of his mind rather than body, they are called Manas Putras or mind-sons or spirits.

The ancient Vedic and Puranic scriptures describe Lord Brahma as only occasionally interfering in the affairs of the other devas  or gods and even more rarely in mortal affairs.  Therefor he is considered the father of Dharma and Atri.