The Four Hands 

As is widely seen in all pictorial illustrations of Brahma, he has four arms. These four arms represent the four cardinal directions: east, south, west, and north. The back right hand is said to represent the mind, the back left hand represents intellect, the front right hand is ego, and the front left hand is self-confidence.

The Rosary - The sacred beads bound together in a rosary symbolize the substances used in the process of creation.

The Book - The book he holds symbolizes all knowledge.

The Gold - Gold symbolizes activity , thus the golden face of Brahma indicates that He is actively involved in the process of creating the Universe.

The Swan - The swan is the symbol of grace and acumen. Brahma uses the swan as his vahan, or his carrier.

The Crown - The beautiful crown sitting gracefully on  Lord Brahma's head indicates His supreme authority.

The Lotus - The lotus symbolizes nature and the living essence of all things and beings in the Universe.

The Beard - Brahmas black or white beard denotes wisdom and the eternal process of creation.

The Four Faces - The four Vedas (Rig, Sama, Yajuh and Atharva). The Vedas Symbolises his four faces, heads and arms