Rituals and Ritual Utensils



Introduction of Rituals and Ritual Utensils:

Gift from Royal Family

Lakshmi - one who loves lotus
Five gold panchapatre,an uddharane on a gold plate
The Nanjundesvara temple, Nanjana-gudu, and Sri Chamundi temple, Mysore, have five gold vessels that are used only in annual festivals, donated by the royal family of My sore The Parakala Matha has a set of five gold vessels offered by different persons. The first gold vessel was gifted by King Krishnaraja Wodeyar III. The second gold cup was the gift to God Hayagriva by Krishna Brahmatantra Parakalaswami, the pontiff of the Mutt from 1885 to 1911.

On the third gold cup, a record registers the gift to the Guru Krishna Brahmatantra Parakalaswami by the mother of Kantaiyyarasu on the occasion of her completing 60 years of age, Kantaiyyarasu, or Kantarajarasu, was the brother-in-law of Chamaraja Wodeyar of Mysore. (1881-1894) The fourth gold cup was presented by Kantaiyyarasu.

The fifth was granted to the Guru Krishna Brahmatantra Parakalaswami by the Queen of Mysore, Vanivilasa-Sri-Maharani (Queen of Chamaraja Wodeyar) on the occasion of her getting Chakrankana.