Rituals and Ritual Utensils



Introduction of Rituals and Ritual Utensils:

The Spoon-- Uddharane

Lakshmi - one who loves lotus
Uddharane with Sudarsana Chakra

An important appendage to the panchapatre or the snapana battalu is the uddharane, a spoon. Used for offering arghya, padya and achamaniya, it is also utilised for distributing the sanctified water to the devotees.

The uddharanes are highly artistic pieces with fairly long handles. While most of them have a serpenthood at the handle, one of the silver uddharanes in use in a Srivaishnava temple has the Sudarsana Chakra (The Wheel of Vishnu) on the handle. Normally, floral motifs adorn the cup.

A gold and ruby uddharane, which is a jewellery piece, is set with a single large ruby as its cup with tiny square cob rubies forming the edge. The front portion of the long stem is set with squarish flat diamonds slightly tapering 10 size. The back is resplendent with tiny rubies.

The copper uddharanes also exhibit a high quality of craftsmanship. They invariably have a petal-shaped bowl, fairly wide and deep. Tiny figures of Kalinga Mardhana, Ganapati or Naga adorn the handle.

Lakshmi - one who loves lotus
Uddharane in gold and precious stones.