An Inconceivable Task

Vishnu knew Jalandar was unconquerable as long as, Brinda stuck scrupulously to the norms of pativrata dharam,. He thought of how to make her slip atleast for a second. It was an inconceivable task. Yet he had to do it in order to protect the good and the righteous.

Meanwhile the battle between Siva and Jalandar was going on relentlessly, Brinda as a dutiful wife, had a natural concern for the welfare of her husband. With a laden heart, she began performance of Vishnu Puja. Vishnu appeared before her, not in his own form, but in the guise of Jalandar. For a moment Brinda was happy that her husband had realized his folly and given up the war. She shared a warm smile with him. That fraction of a second was enough for Siva to end the life of Jalandar.

The very next moment Brinda realized that it was all an illusion and managed to stabilize the state of mind. But by the law of dharma, that fraction of a second, when Brinda’s mind was confused and caused a slip in adherence to the norms of chastity , though unknowingly proved the undoing of her husband.