Norms For Healing

The decorated pot in which the Tulsi plant is grown is geerally called Brindavan.The plant represnts the cascades of Brinda and the camphor smell of the Tulsi leaves represent Brinda’s traits and energy, The Brindavana or Tulsi Madam in households should be kept clean and decorated with colourful rangoli. Pure water should be poured on the leaves and roots. A lamp should be light on the sides of the Tulsi Madam.

Tulsi is worshipped with the following names gloryfying her, Brindavanee, Visvapujita, Vishva Bhavani,Pushpa,Sara, Nandini, Krishna,Jivini and Tulsi Mata.

Tulsi leaves should not be plucked as any other ordinary leaf. There are a few rituals to be followed. The plant and its precincts should be washed with pure water. The plant should be watered and one or two flowers are to be offered chanting the names of Tulsi. One should say, “O Tulsi Mata I am plucking your leaf for offering them at the holy feet of Lord Vishnu, please give me permission and bless me”

Tulsi leaves should not be plucked from the planrt at night.

Personal hygine, purity of mind and body and devotion to the Lord Vishnu are essential to get the full benefits of Tulsi Puja.