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The Aarti of the Goddess is performed twice a day, once during the morning at sun rise and again during the evening at sun set.


The holy cave is closed for piligrims during the period the Aarti is being performed. It usually takes around two hours for the Aarti to be completed. Only the Pujaris, Sahayaks and an officer are permitted in the cave when the Aaarti is being performed. The sequence of the various activities that are performed at Aaarti is as under:-

At the commencement of the Aarti the Pujaris utter aloud the 108 names of Durga. Then they perform Atam Puja for their own purification and apply tilak on each others forehead. This is followed by the chanting of mantras exhorting the Devas to give the Pujaris sound health. Thereafter, Prithvi, Surya, Deep and Dhoop are worshipped by the chanting of mantras.
Once these activities are over, the Pujaris chant the Pratigyaa Sankalp where they
vow to worship Mata Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi Vaishno Mata and Mata Maha Saraswati. Then the clothes and the ornaments adorning the Holy Pindies are removed and the Goddess is bathed with water. Thereafter, the symbols of Ganesh, Surya and Chandrama are also bothed with water. The water that is used for bathing the holy Pindies is collected from the Charan Ganga which emanates from the base of the Pindies. The Pujaris bathe the Holy Pindies to the accompaniment of the chanting of the mantras of Swati Vaachnan.

After the holy Pindies have been bathed with water, they are bathed with the five Amrits. The first is milk, the second is curd or yogurt, the third is ghee or clarified butter, the fourth is honey and fifth is suger. As the bath with each Amrit is completed, the Pindies are again bathed with water. When the bathing with the individual Amrits is over, the holy Pindies are given one more bath, this time with "Panchamrit" or the five Amrits mixed together. Thereafter, they are again bathed with water.

Each bath, whetherwith the individual Amrit or with the five Amrits mixed together, is given to the accompaniment of the chanting of the appropriate mantras.

After the holy Pindies have been bathed, the symbol of "Pashupatinath" is given a bath with Panchamrit. This is followed by a general cleaning of the area of the sanctum sanctorum. When this is over, One Kalash of water of the Charan Ganga is pored over each of the three holy Pindis for final Shuddhi. Then the holy Pindis and the area adjacent to them are dried with towels to the accompaniment of the mantras of Ganpati Pujanam. As soon as this is over the Pujaris chant the Devyapradh Kshamapan Stotram or the mantras seeking forgiveness for their sins and shortcomings from the Goddess. While this is going on the Pujaris make preparations for dressing up and adorning the holy Pindis.

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