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The Story of Ma Vaishno Devi   

Mythology claims that during the period when the Goddess was busy in destroying the various Asuras, one day her three main manifestations viz.

Mata Maha Kali, Mata Maha Lakshmi and Mata Maha Saraswati got together and pooled their collective Tejas or spiritual strength.
A stunningly bright light emanated from the place where the Tejas of the three manifestations coalesced and a beautiful young girl emerged out of this Tejas. The young girl asked them, "Why have I been created?" The Devis explained to her that they had created her so that she would live on earth and spend her time in upholding righteousness. The Devis added, "Now, go and take birth in the house of one Ratnakar and his wife who are great devotees of ours and who reside in the southern part of India. Live on earth. Uphold righteousness and evolve yourself spiritually so that you reach higher levels of consciousness. Once you have attained the appropriate level of consciousness you will merge into Vishnu and become one with him." So saying they blessed the girl.

Sometime later a very beautiful girl child was born to Ratnakar and his wife. The couple named the child Vaishnavi. Very soon Ratnakar realised that not only was his daughter extra ordinarily pretty but she appeared to be endowed with an uncommonly inquisitive and sharp mind. Realising the prodigious intellectual capability of his daughter, Ratnakar made arrangements for the best teachers in the area to come and teach her the sacred Vedas and other religious works of the period. Vaishnavi mastered these texts in a very short time and wanted her teachers to impart more and more knowledge. Unfortunately, however, her teachers were unable to quench her intense thirst for knowledge. Both Vaishnavi and her father, Ratnakar, were disappointed. Ratnakar advised his daughter to immerse her mind in contemplating upon the Creator of the Universe so that she could obtain the answers to some of the questions which seemed to vex her. Vaishnavi agreed and soon learnt the art of going into deep meditation.

As a result of her meditation, Vaishnavi increased her latent spiritual power considerably. One day Vaishnavi told her father, "Father, I have lived long enough in your house and the time has now come for me to go into the forest and meditate upon the Creator with even greater devotion and intensity so that I can attain Him". Ratnakar and his wife had realised a long time ago that the Goddess had blessed them with an uncommon child. They had, therefore, over the years learnt to accept the peculiar habits and traits of their child. when Vaishnavi sought their permission for going to the forest, they felt sad at the thought of losing their daughter. However, they realised that the girl had already made up her mind and would not be dissuaded from the course of action that she had decided to adopt. So, reluctantly they gave their permission.


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