Ganesa Beyond The Indian Frontiers

Introduction of Ganesa Beyond The Indian Frontiers
Introduction of Religio-Cultural Emissaries From India

Introduction of Ganesa Beyond The Indian Frontiers


It appears that Ganesa was unknown in Japan till 9th century. But once his worship was introduced by Kolso Daishi, a Buddhist, the god became quite popular and his statues in the Vinayaka form were made and temples were dedicated to him. He was often shown standing with two, four or six arms, and usually with a smiling countenance.In the Kakuzen-cho form he was shown with three heads, each having three eyes and in his four hands he held a sword, a radish, a modaka, and sceptre. He was supposed to be seated on a mountain and Was referred to as 'King of Elephants',

In the double form Kangi-ten Ganesa was worshipped not publicly in temples but secretly. It was a secret esoteric cult, based on the doctrine of yoga.