Ganesa Beyond The Indian Frontiers

Introduction of Ganesa Beyond The Indian Frontiers
Introduction of Religio-Cultural Emissaries From India

Introduction of Ganesa Beyond The Indian Frontiers


With the introduction of Buddhism in Mongolia, Ganesa reached that land. Buddhism spread there through Tibet and the Tibetan monk Hphags-pa carried Mahayana Buddhism into Mongolia in the 13th century and is said to have converted even the emperor Kublai Khan. To the Mongols, Mahakala was only the manifestation of Siva and it was, therefore, quite natural that Gai;1esa should have become popular in Mongolia. The dancing form of the elephant-headed god (Nrtta-Ganapati) is to be found among the "five hundred gods of Nar-than". He is shown on his mount (vahana) rat which holds the jewel cintamani in its mouth. The four hands hold each an axe (parasu), radish (mula-kanda), bowl of sweets and a trident (trisula) which normally is an attribute of Siva.

According to a legend, the father of Hphags-pa is said to have invoked Ganesa who took him up with his trunk, carried him to the top of mount Meru and showing him the country of Mongolia said, "Thy son shall subjugate this whole country", which proved to be true.