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Introduction of Sacred Songs

The sacred songs of India are an arbitrary, incomplete, whimsical selection spanning twelve centuries and covering various regions of India.

The only running thread in these songs is devotion to the chosen Deity:
Krishna who is also Rama.

The saints who have composed these songs were all mystic poets who dreamed of their beloved deity in uninhibited imagery.

Both Andal Who was bourn in South in the seventh century, The doughter of temple priest and Meera the Royal Princess of Rajasthan who lived in the fifteenth-sixteenth century- desired Union with Krishna and sang of him as a lover.

Jayadeva, The orissan poet of the 12th century and Vidyapati, The Bihari saint of the 14thcentury infused their songs with profuse eroticism about the love of Radha and Krishna – joy in union and sorrow in separation – Radha and Krishna being symbols of the Individual soul and the supreme sprit.

Purandharadasa, Surdas and Tukaram treated themselves as the servants of the Lord and sang of the glories of their master.

Kabir’s songs are more philosophical in content, though rich in devotion.
Tulsidas and Tyagaraja blindly adored their rama and sang of his glories with unparalleled intimacy.

The beauty of these songs has transcended the barriers of language, Region and time.

Andal sang in tamil, Jaydey in Sanskrit, Purandharadasa in kannada, Tukaram in marathi, Tyagaraja in Telgu and other in various dialects of Hindi.

Jaydeva’s song are sung in the temples of kerela as also in the palace precincts of Rajasthan.

Meera’s Bhajan’s and Tukaram’s abhanjs are sung by carnatic musicians and of south India in there Music concert.