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TYAGARAJA (1767-1847)

Tyagaraja, the saint composer was born inl Tiruvaiyar in Tamilllaclu, on 4th may 1767. He lived most of his life in Tiruvaiyar till his death on 6th Janudry 1847.

Right from childhood he devoted himself to the worship of Lord Rama singing songs extolling his favourite deity.

He had a daughter, through whom he had a grandson, who died progeniless. Thus we do nut. have any descendants of saint Tyagaraja. His wife predeceased him.

Daily Tyagaraja would walk the streets of his native town singing songs and seeking alms (known as Unchavritli).
Tyagaraja has composed about 800 songs, most of them in his mother tongue Telugu dnd a few in Sanskrit.

The only travel he undertook ill his life was a short pilgrimage from Tirupati to Srirangam.

Tyagaraja shied away from material possessions and refused to sing in praise of the King. He was determined to remain poor and independent.

Tyagaraja lived his own philosophy that God realisation was best achieved through Niidopasana (music with devotiun). His songs are surfeit with an intimate devotion for Rama, though they fully reveal his deep understanding of the tenets of the Vedas and Upanishads.

The music of his compositions overpowers the lyrical content, but there is no mistaking the spiritual effect of his songs on the listener.

Purandharadasa was the grandfather of Camatic music. Tyagaraja is one of its Trinity, the other two being Muthuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastri.